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co-creating community centered mental health initiatives across education, workforce, and leadership

Project Feature: Healing and Justice in Mexico

Helping families of disappeared people and human rights activists prevent burnout and experience healing.
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Ecuador | education

Indigenous communities remain some of the most marginalized in Ecuador, while economic realities force increasing numbers to move to urban areas. Covid-19 magnified the existing communal and individual challenges, faced particularly by indigenous youth. Together with Fundación Casa Victoria and Quito Eterno, we created a program, Historias que sanan, leverages communal identity, cultural education, and narrative therapy practices to promote personal resilience with teenagers who identify as indigenous. This program can be delivered in a socially distanced manner in person and virtually. Learn more about the program, launched in 2021, here.

Mexico | leadership

Human rights defenders in Mexico voice some of society’s most brutal challenges, including disappearances and torture. Since 2019, Casa Xitla has offered a refuge for a network of defenders to receive holistic care and burnout prevention support. Through the halting challenges of Covid-19 in Mexico, we supported Casa Xitla in the creation of virtual support, leading to launching the 5th cohort of the burnout prevention program in late 2021. Qualitative feedback indicates personal transformation and resilience, as participants reconnected with their physical and emotional selves, received holistic care, and identified the values by which they hoped to live, in a deeply challenging and at times grief-filled context. 

Peru | education

Yunta offers a mentorship program for youth in low-resource areas in Lima, driven by a volunteer model in partnership with local schools. The program builds personal important developmental qualities that include emotional regulation, self-awareness and self-efficacy. Due to Peru’s strict lockdown in 2020 and 2021, our has been to support the transition of this program into a safe and productive virtual format, while designing an effective evaluation system to ascertain the ways in which participants are developing over the course of the program.

India | education

Kshamtalaya Foundation reimagines education as a holistic growth and development process for children and their communities in rural areas. Embedded in this vision is helping students and educators increase practices that enhance their flourishing, civic engagement, and sense of purpose. In addition to co-designing a 21-day wellbeing audio program at the height of the pandemic, we have worked with Kshamtalaya to develop appropriate definitions and scales for understanding the transformation they witness in the communities where they serve. As the wellbeing audio program scales through local civil society and government partnerships, we are co-creating a teacher wellbeing manual for implementing effective practices to promote positive mental health in children in 2022. 

Malaysia | workforce

HumanKind leverages the power of volunteerism in Malaysia to implement evidence-based therapeutic interventions for local organizations serving low-income families and refugee communities. Since 2020, we have supported HumanKind in the process of developing their community-owned model, working with both tribal and refugee populations in the design of mental health promotion programs. In 2022, drawing from a listening study completed in 2021, we will co-write an wellbeing advancement program based on ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training), designed specially for Rohingya women in workforce development programs, along with other vulnerable women populations in Malaysia.

India | leadership

The Acumen Fellows program aims to cultivate moral leadership among the most promising individuals in social change and poverty alleviation. Through our work with Kshamtalaya (above), Fellow and founder Vivek Kumar invited Brio to work with his 2019 India Cohort to design wellbeing spaces where they might accompany each other through the challenges of leadership beyond the Fellowship experience. After extensive interviews with members of the Cohort, Brio created and facilitated a 6-month wellbeing space in 2021, with the aim of cultivating continued mutual accompaniment and support in the coming months.

United States | workforce

City Year helps students and schools succeed by delivering holistic support to students, classrooms and the whole school. Drawing from their 30-years of experience in human and youth development, they are committed to supporting the development of both their students and their AmeriCorps members. Beginning in 2022, Brio is partnering with City Year to create wellbeing support initiatives within staff and Corps member experiences.